joseph a bee (feedbacklove) wrote,
joseph a bee

Mega Man 9

Writing music slowly but surely. Shows coming up. I got a throne from xmas. My shit is hooked up and ready. me vs. everybody.

I have also started to play guitar again. I received every issue of rolling stone magazine digitized onto 3 dvds that also comes with a special reader. It sounds lame but there are some awesome articles written in the early 90s about the smashing pumpkins along with interviews and cool pics. I have been reading about the billy corgan and the pumpkins during gish and how billy was bummed about what was happening around him in music. they were receiving a lot of criticism for having long guitar solos and their glam appearance. So he made gish they got a 7inch put out on sub pop, virgin wanted to sign them so they did and went on caroline which is an "indie" sub label of virgin. Billy got really bad writers block and became suicidal he didn't want to bend to any of these weird forces in the music industry. He then famously wrote today which became a catalyst for a huge brain storm. He began work on Siamese dream and teamed up with Butch Vig. Corgan was playing a lot of the bass/guitar parts because he "could do them less takes." So they went way over budget had songs with 26 + tracks of guitar which rules. Jimmy was doing heroin and came to record all fucked up all the time but he did COMPLETELY DESTROY geek u.s.a. Butch Vig said this was the greatest drum performance he had ever witnessed. Then of course they finish, everyone is pissed at the label, corgan is being a dick, d'arcy and james are bummed about their break up while on tour, and jimmy is tripping balls. The record comes out i think it debuted at 10 and everyone realized it ruled and forever changed music.(ie. the feedback squeals in mayonnaise.)

Corgan realized he should have believed in himself all along.
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