joseph a bee (feedbacklove) wrote,
joseph a bee


"I've played a many pedal and by far this is the best pedal I've every played. I finally broke down and convinced my wife to let me buy this pedal. This pedal is so smooth and feels like a cloud under your foot. I recommend you buy this pedal, especially if you have fast bass drum foot. "

"It took a while, but I found the best pedal on the planet. I replaced my Tama Camco re-issue with first the DW 9000, which was too much pedal for me. I then got the Pearl Eliminator. Nice pedal, but it just didn't do it for me. I then ordered the DW 5000 AD3 pedal, and right away I knew it was simply the best pedal on Earth. You can't go wrong with this one, as it is built like a tank but plays like an old Ghost pedal or Speed King, which is to say, whatever you can imagine, it will play. You no longer have to 'think' about playing the bass drum or the notes you want to play, because with the DW 5000 they just come out naturally. From strong funk/rock thumps to light feathering notes, it covers them all. Well worth every penny, especially the single version. The double version is pricey, but I hope to one day graduate to it and buy the add on slave unit, which is also pricey, but must be worth it. Give it a try; I think you'll love it too. "
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