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After about 10 or 11 months of holding out and hoping to start a band with another human, I firmly decided on developing a solo project and playing shows by myself. The first show is scheduled tentatively for 12/27. Its surprisingly not gloomy but has this weird machine/technology/bit sound. I have all of the hardware worked out and now have a more robust set of mics and cables. I think it will be successful, I just need to keep moving the entire time so I have to develop even more physical endurance. The set at this first show will be around 15 mins in length non stop. I should also mention that with the current amps I have access too, this shit is so abrasive. Its really powerful though. I am working on adapting some of the stuff Waltr and I were working on as well as finishing the drum synth we were talking about forever. I also want to get a hold of some of the pluggins/patches he made. I started using my laptop for processing and it actually sounds really cool. I still really love my computer.

Things to do to make this actually happen -

Pick a final name
make a demo
get 9v adapter chain
someday I need to purchase a bass amp or find someone who will be willing to lend me one for shows.

I asked for a new kick drum pedal and a really nice dw drum throne for xmas. I am trying to get the dw 5000. I might take some pics today when I go to practice. I have been trying a really weird set up with two snares. It's kind of ripping off Chippendale but it allows for really neat combinations and quick fills without killing myself and tensing up my arms too much. Also i like spreading rolls over the two snares with bell hits. I think its cool. I love playing the drums.
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